The Latest Edition of the

Most Award-Winning Party Game in History!

You don’t need to know the answers to love this party game!  All you need to do is bet on the answer you think is closest. With all new questions and simpler rules, Wits & Wagers Party will get any large group cheering and laughing!

How to Play

Feeling confident, bet on your guess.

Think your friend knows better, bet on her guess.

Have no idea... bet on ANY guess and hope to get lucky!

Available at WalMart, Barnes & Noble and most specialty toy stores!

Special Thanks...

We would like to thank the following people for their role in helping us develop this awesome new game:

  1. Nate Heasley for helping design a major part of the Wits & Wagers mechanic

  2. Jacoby O’Connor and Ali Douglass for creating the awesome graphics

  3. Our lead developer, Matt Mariani, for improving every aspect of the game

  4. Bayard Catron, Luke Warren, Amber Cook, Satish Pillalamarri, Edoardo Kulp and Erin Yeagley for major development contributions

  5. Andrew Chen, Nicole Ross, Ilham Bouzidane and Larissa Johnson for game testing

  6. And especially to Ben Lott, Jason Carr, Jake Spenser, David Montgomery, Maddy Wiebe, the Butz family and the Egloff family for volunteering their help and giving extremely valuable feedback.

Simple Rules & Fast Play! 
Great for families and large groups!

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  1. 1.A question is asked... everyone writes down their guess.

  2. 2.Place your bets... whose guess is the closest?